The following MONOPOLY myths and unofficial “house rules” significantly slow down play. For a faster, more fun and more strategic game of MONOPOLY, play by the official rules! Here are some common MONOPOLY Myths:

Myth #1: You get bonus money for landing on Free Parking from the “pot” in the middle of the board!
Free Parking is just that: Free! You pay nothing for landing there! You also receive nothing! This common “house rule” increases game time drastically – hence the “never ending” family games, which usually “finish” with the game board being flipped over! MONOPOLY Tournament games, which use official rules, typically are held to a 90- minute time limit, which usually end with a clear winner before time runs out.

Myth #2: You must pass “GO” before you can buy properties! Speed up your game by playing it right; play by the official rules and buy property the first time you land on it!

Myth #3: If the Bank runs out of houses, we can use markers as extra buildings! Nope, once all 32 houses are gone, they’re gone! You can only get more houses when a player sells back a house or trades four houses for a hotel. Therefore, the housing shortage strategy is a major tournament tactic used to control game development. The less expensive color groups are great for doing this—build quickly to 12 houses in order to choke the housing market! Also, because players must trade in four houses to pay for a hotel, going straight to hotels (and skipping the four houses altogether) is not allowed unless the necessary houses physically exist in the bank to do so.

Myth #4: I can give immunities, promises, free landings and other non-tangible agreements in a trade!
Players can only trade tangible assets: Cash, Properties (Title Deeds), and Get out of Jail Free cards. Future promises of any type are unenforceable and constitute an illegal partnership. Neither of these is allowed in official MONOPOLY Tournament games.

Myth #5: When you’re in Jail, you cannot conduct business, collect rent, buy houses, or trade with other players!
In Jail, you can conduct business as usual. In MONOPOLY, no matter how much trouble you’re in with the law, you can still collect rents, buy houses, and trade with other players to your heart’s content.

Myth #6: I get bonus money if I land exactly on “GO”! You can only collect your $200 salary once per trip around the board (to be exact, when you cross the black line separating Boardwalk and the “GO” space). There is only one way to receive two salaries on the same roll of the dice: if, in one roll, you pass “GO”, land on a Chance or Community Chest space and draw an “Advance to GO” card. Otherwise, you can only PASS GO and collect a salary once per roll.

Myth #7: I can hide my cash so other players don’t know how much I have! Cash must always be on top of the table in full sight. However, players can keep their cash in one pile so it’s more difficult to see their cash total. Also, you never have to tell another player how much cash you have (unless you choose to)!

Myth #8: I can lend other players money if I feel sorry for them and want them to stay in the game!
Players can only trade money for properties or Get out of Jail Free cards. Any other trade is not allowed. Cash can only transfer in one direction in a trade – you cannot pay $500 for a $1 bill. You cannot sell a Get out of Jail Free card for more than $50 (otherwise, since bail is $50, you would actually be giving them a loan, which is not legal).

Myth #9: You can only buy houses or make trades during your turn! Actually, you may buy and sell buildings and make trades at any time between turns and anytime during your own turn! Don’t wait for the dice! Trade, Build and Win!

Myth #10: I must always play by Hasbro’s MONOPOLY rules. MONOPOLY is fun! House rules are too! If you, your family, and your friends want to play MONOPOLY with your own favorite house rules, go ahead! But beware – house rules usually make the game last much longer and be much more luck-based. If you want a short, balanced and fun game, stick to the official rules; but, however you play, the number one rule is: Have fun playing MONOPOLY! And please note: The High Desert MONOPOLY Championship will use official MONOPOLY Tournament rules throughout.

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements on the board and the playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. for its property trading game and game equipment. © 2012 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.